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NACEC will Assist Ministry of Construction in Developing a Road Map on Implementation of BIM-Technologies in Industrial Construction

NACEC experts, Rosatom Branch Centre of the Capital Construction, and Union of Builders of Russia Committee on Engineering shall develop a road map of wide application of BIM technologies in the nuclear industry capital construction.


Unique experience of ROSATOM Corporation in wide application of 3D-design shall be used in development of a road map on implementation of a comprehensive information modelling (BIM-technologies) in the Russian construction industry. Russian Ministry of Construction established a working group and approved the Plan on BIM Staged Implementation in industrial and civilian construction.


sakharovNACEC President Gennady Sakharov:

RDIs in the nuclear industry started applying 3D-modelling technologies in 1984 and since that time they accumulated a vast hands-on experience, therefore today we speak of implementing 6D-modelling or multi 6D-modelling’ said Gennady Sakharov, Director for Capital Investments of Rosatom State Corporation, NACEC President. ‘One of the main benefits of applying BIM-technologies is accuracy of design, its clarity for clients, time saving for design and construction activities, cost saving for construction and operation activities. Eventually it contributes to the overall improvement of innovative construction management processes. That is why combining efforts of the subject matter ministry, experts and professional community is extremely important and beneficial when developing the road map for information modelling technologies improvement.


In accordance with the worldwide trend, the road map, developed by the Russian expert community, is meant to build an integrated digital system of managing the entire investment and construction process, from developing the concept of creating a facility through to its refurbishment. Use of similar IT-solutions allows monitoring projects execution in real-time mode and optimizing business processes, minimizing the company risks and avoiding additional cost and time impacts.


As of today, Ministry of Construction launched 23 pilot projects where all details of applying BIM-technologies in construction are being elaborated in practice. By the end of this year the plan includes expert review of these projects, analysis of lessons learned, and start of updating the regulatory base to create the conditions for massive application of contemporary IT-solutions in Russia which are able to bring national engineering companies to the international level on managing comprehensive investment and construction projects.