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NACEC Takes Part in the Development of National Programme on Implementing BIM-Technologies in Construction





NACEC Takes Part in the Development of National Programme on Implementing BIM-Technologies in Construction

NACEC experts took part in the business programme and in the exhibition part of Russian Investment and Construction Forum (RISF) held in Moscow on February 17-18 to assist in implementing the national policy of housing, infrastructure, and industrial construction, developing and strengthening business cooperation in the sphere of investments, and to promote international practices in implementing investment and construction projects in Russia.




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Holder of this Forum is the Russian Federation Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities with participation of Moscow Government, Moscow Region Government, the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry, JSC “AHML” (Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending), FAU “Glavgosexpertiza of Russia” (State Expert Review Board), JSC “Research Center of Construction”, Union of Builders of Russia (RSS), National Association of Builders, National Association of Surveyors and Designers (NOPRIZ), and other organizations. Branch Centre of the Capital Construction (OCKS) of Rosatom and NACEC became official partners of RISF.


Mikhail Men, Minister of the Russian Federation Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, speaking at the plenary meeting of the Forum, summarized some results of the work performed in the industry in 2015 and informed on the measures taken to support the housing construction market in the next year: “The Russian Government bailout plan includes measures to support the utilities and transport infrastructure construction for the needs of housing construction”. According to his report, today the Ministry is preparing for State Council meeting this spring to be chaired by Vladimir Putin, RF President. “For the first time ever the State Council will be devoted to issues of the construction industry. Today we collect all proposals from non-governmental organisations, from experts, all participants of the construction industry. It will assist us in developing a common program document to deliver at the State Council meeting. There are a lot of issues, a lot of problems, and a lot of alternative decisions that can be taken. Our objective is to combine our efforts and accumulate the state resources to achieve the objectives”, Mikhail Men emphasized.


Petr Stepaev, Deputy Director on Capital Investments of Rosatom State Corporation, speaking at the plenary meeting, reported on the experience of implementing contemporary technologies in the nuclear industry. “Work will not be highly efficient if innovative materials are not applied and not implemented at all construction stages. The key objective is to reduce the schedule and cost of construction. In this case we serve both as developers and builders”. Petr Stepaev informed the participants of the plenary meeting on innovations implemented by Rosatom State Corporation in construction, in particular on Building Information Modeling technologies (BIM-technologies), on new approaches in pricing, that is resource-based technique to estimate cost of a project.


At the all-Russian meeting devoted to implementation of BIM-technologies in the construction industry, Leonid Stavitsky, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, reminded that the RF Ministry of Construction developed a plan of implementing information modeling technologies in construction, and ‘pilot’ projects, that were developed with the use of BIM, have already been selected and analyzed. “The Ministry of Construction together with the professional community performed analysis of the provided design deliverables and the review of the design documents. Potential difficulties which designers may experience using BIM-technologies were identified, and a list of regulatory, legal, and technical enactments, subject to update and development, was prepared in strong association with Glavgosexpertiza of Russia (State Expert Review Board), Mosgosexpertiza (Moscow Expert Review Board), and regional expert review boards.


Currently in the RF Ministry of Construction an expert board on BIM-technologies and a work group on update of regulatory framework, which will be headed by Leonid Stavitsky, is being established. “We should build a system which will effectively perform tasks on implementing BIM-technologies, make rules of the game, develop and accept documents as body of rules and standards, which will ensure the use of information modeling technologies in construction”, he said.


A key report at the all-Russian meeting devoted to implementation of BIM-technologies in the construction industry was the report by Alexander Boldin, Head of Project Office (OCKS of Rosatom), a member of NACEC Committee on Development, who spoke about implementation of integrated information modeling in the nuclear industry, based on global expenrience of using BIM-technologies. According to his report, today Rosatom State Corporation managed to develop a common methodology and tools of information modelling which are used throughout all investment projects of Rosatom. Besides, Rosatom succeeded in integrating R&D, design, and supply processes based on a project information model. “Rosatom enterprises have experince of applying information technologies in design for over 30 years”, Alexander Boldin noted. “Today Rosatom State Corporation cooperates with global leaders – suppliers of software”. Alexander Boldin said that tools and techniques of informtion modeling development are represented by development and update of regulatory documents, establishment of an industry-specific technological platform for development and maintenance of information models, reduction of dates and cost, improvement of quality of design solutions for facilities under construction, and the possibility to transfer an information model to an operator after a facility is built.


The events of the 5th Russian Investment and Construction Forum were visited by managers of governmental bodies, state institutions for development, heads of the Russian Federation regions, regional construction sectors, local government authorities, representatives of the industry-specific professional community, Russian and foreign investors, representatives of financial and business circles.


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