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NACEC Takes Part in Preparation for the Meeting of the State Council Devoted to Developing the Construction Industry in Russia



Experts of the National Association of Construction Engineering Consultants (NACEC) took part in the meeting of the Work Group of the RF State Council devoted to developing the construction industry which was held during a specialized forum EXPO BUILD RUSSIA in Yekaterinburg.


Shortly before the State Council meeting scheduled for May this year took place, a series of strategic initiatives on improvement and growth of the construction industry and town-planning in the RF was discussed at a few large meetings and at scientific and practical conferences of national associations of builders, surveyors and designers. Members of the State Duma and the Council of the Federation, non-governmental organizations, construction companies, including partners and members of NACEC and Committee on Engineering under Union of Builders of Russia (RSS) addressed their ideas on the issue of reforming the town-planning sector to the Work Group.


The meeting participants were proposed with an updated structure of the report with the focus on solving the issues of technical regulation and pricing system, as well as on implementing a range of measures, promoting the expedited innovation development of the construction industry. Experts believe that in the long term the state policy shall be aimed at:


- Creating contemporary institutional environment

- Building new tools of developing residential construction

- Developing investment supporting infrastructure and competitive environment

- Accelerated import phaseout of technological and resource base

- Ensuring transfer of technologies in the industry.


Heads of the Work Group highly estimated both the proposals from NACEC and Branch Centre of the Capital Construction of Rosatom experts, and their activity on establishing the Centre of technologies transfer in the construction sector of the nuclear industry, building technological alliances and consortia, implementation of the resource-based approach in project cost estimation, and developing the system of international investment and construction engineering in the country.


Experts believe that positive experience of developing the construction sector of the nuclear industry will be used for the drafting and approval of the Strategy for Innovation Development of the Construction Industry by 2030. A special attention in the Strategy shall be devoted to forming the state system of support to the transfer of international advanced technologies and ensuring the implementation of information modelling technologies in construction.



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