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In 2016 NACEC Will Make a Bid for Adaptation of FIDIC Standard Forms of Contracts for Russia





In 2016 NACEC Will Make a Bid for Adaptation of FIDIC Standard Forms of Contracts for Russia

A regular meeting of National Association of Construction Engineering Consultants (NACEC) was held on April 5 in Branch Centre of the Capital Construction of Rosatom.








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NACEC members listened to the report by NACEC Executive Director, on work of the Presidium of NACEC in 2015 and approved that report. As Gennady Sakharov, NACEC President, Director on Capital Investments of Rosatom State Corporation, Director of Branch Centre of the Capital Construction of Rosatom, noted in his welcome speech that “This year of NACEC work demonstrated that organizational processes have been finished within our organization and today we are rising to a new level of development: we start implementing our plans on adaptation of FIDIC standard forms of contracts in Russia and arrange training sessions to apply those forms of contracts”. At the same time, he emphasized that such exercise will require a lot of time and efforts as it is associated with duly processing of legal and other matters.


Fedor Krutykh, NACEC Executive Director, in his speech reminded the General Meeting of the most important milestones of the Association growth in 2015: becoming a member of International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC); signing agreements with Kazakhstan National Association of Professional Engineers and Consultants (KNAPEC), and with Finnish Association of Consulting Firms (SKOL); drafting and starting the public consultation of a professional standard “Construction Engineering Consultant”, and many other initiatives. “For the last year we progressed a lot and now we have to make a breakthrough”, summarized Fedor Krutykh. He also mentioned that it had been agreed with FIDIC management to have a “Business Day of NACEC and FIDIC” in Russia in June this year.


An Expert Opinion on 2015 results prepared by the Audit Commission of NACEC was listened to and the 2015 Annual Financial Statement of NACEC was approved at the meeting. Besides, the General Meeting made certain organizational decisions, in particular, some changes in the Presidium members of NACEC took place – the authority of Oleg Kaschenko, NACEC Vice President, was terminated. At the same time, Grigory Naginsky, Director General of Concern Titan-2, JSC, was elected a member of NACEC Presidium. The list of members of the Audit Commission of NACEC was also changed – the authority of Roman Kaschavtsev was terminated and he was replaced by Dmitry Muratov.



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