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NACEC Members – Experts of the Global Nuclear Engineering Business Are Getting Prepared for the Start-Up of the World’s First Innovative Power Unit



ASE Group of Companies, one of the leaders of the nuclear engineering business, is getting prepared for the world’s first innovative power “3+ generation” unit of Novovoronezh NPP to be cut into mains. As Valery Limarenko, NACEC Vice-President, Head of ASE Group of Companies, said at the regular operations centre meeting – start-up of the power unit is scheduled for summer this year.


Participants of the meeting discussed the issues of equipment delivery, dates of obtaining permit documents, specific work progress required for gaining the minimum controllable power level, and work progress on physical start-up of Unit No 6. Besides, project managers inspected the start-up facilities, including the reactor building, unit control room, solid radioactive waste storage facility, waste treatment facilities, nitrogen and oxygen generating plant – Communication Directorate (ASE Group of Companies) informed.


Currently emulators of the fuel assembly are being replaced with nuclear fuel assemblies (TVS) in Novovoronezh NPP Power Unit No 6. Vladimir Povarov, Novovoronezh NPP Director, says that the completion of fuel charging will take place as per the schedule on April 2, 2016. He said that “For the team of our NPP this is a milestone event, because today we have started putting the unit into real operation and further cutting into mains. By the end of this year we have to put the unit into commercial operation. It means that Voronezh Oblast will get more taxes due to operation of Novovoronezh NPP and, in particular, Power Unit No 6. These taxes will increase the budget of Novovoronezh, thus allowing to execute the plans scheduled by the municipal governments, and to implement all planned transformations.”


Power Unit No 6 of Novovoronezh NPP is a standard design of a Russian new NPP “3+ generation” with improved technical and economic indicators. It is under construction as per the NPP-2006 design with the VVER-1200 reactor plant. Over fifty years of experience of safe and accident-free operation with VVER reactors was embodied in the design. Contemporary design takes into account requirements of the Russian scientific and technical documents and IAEA recommendations.


The key feature of the innovative power unit is the use of additional passive safety systems combined with traditional active systems. The new design incorporates protection against an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, aircraft crash. In accordance with new safety standards a reactor hall is reinforced with double containment, a molten core catcher is installed under the reactor shell, the power unit is equipped with a passive system of residual heat removal. All those technical improvements raise the safety parameters of power unit No 6 to a new high quality level.


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