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Bodies of Rules on Building Information Modelling Will Be Issued in 2017

The RF Ministry of Construction promised that basic bodies of rules on building information modelling will be developed and approved by the end of 2016. They will include common principles of using BIM-technologies in the industry.

The Ministry of Construction Press-Office said that the developed norms will regulate the requirements and rules on data exchange (interoperability) in the process of design, construction, and operation of buildings and facilities, requirements on components of information models of facilities under construction, on scope and content of transmitted information, on levels of geometric and attribute-based elaboration of components of information models of buildings and facilities.

Currently, Federal Centre for Codification, Standardization, and Technical Compliance Review in Construction is now working on bodies of rules “Building Information Modelling. Rules on Data Exchange Between Facility Information Models and Software-Based Models”, “Building Information Modelling. Rules on Developing Facility Information Models at Different Lifecycle Stages”, “Information Modelling. Rules on Managing Work of Construction and Technical Units”.

“To define standardized parameters, experts conduct R&D work to study techniques of information modelling, and analyze frontline Russian and international scientific and standard-based developments on information modelling of buildings and facilities”, the Press-Office said and reminded that the plan of advanced developments in the field of using information technologies was drafted based on the design results analysis conducted by the Ministry of Construction and the professional community, and based on the review of design documents developed with the use of information technologies.