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NACEC Management Participated in the FIDIC General Assembly Meeting (GAM)

Vladimir Malakhov (NACEC Vice-President) and Oleg Yakovchenko (Head of the Committee for International Cooperation) represented National Association of Construction Engineering Consultants (NACEC) at the Annual General Assembly Meeting (GAM) of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and at the International Infrastructure Conference. This year the above events took place in Marrakesh (Morocco) at the end of September.


NACEC representatives took part in some events that normally take place before the FIDIC General Assembly Meeting. Thus, at the International Infrastructure Conference our experts discussed various aspects of a complicated topic “Engineering for the Challenges of Climate Change”. In particular, at the plenary sessions they discussed issues of the use of innovative technologies and management systems, renewable energy solutions, and implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM). A special focus was given to the issues of developing infrastructure in Africa, to the water challenges, and to development of strategic approaches on mitigating the impact of climate change on the global economy. Besides, the Young Professionals Management Training Programme took place during the Young Professionals Open Forum, and the traditional FIDIC Best Business Practice Forum.


After the business-trip Vladimir Malakhov, NACEC Vice-President, noted that “this year National Association of Construction Engineering Consultants took part in the FIDIC General Assembly Meeting as a full member for the first time. In particular, we participated in the election of the Executive Committee, a chief executive body of FIDIC”. Besides, at the GAM the Russian delegation negotiated with associations of engineering consultants from Egypt, Iran, Tunis, Mali, and the Ukraine. NACEC representatives also met with Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers (ARIC) to discuss the issues of translating into the Russian language and localizing FIDIC standard forms of contracts in Russia, various aspects of training for trainers, settlement of disputes (in the coming years) (and specifically in the RF) as per the norms and rules of FIDIC.


The GAM agenda included the receipt of FIDIC Annual Report 2015/2016, approval of Accounts 2015, receipt of Auditor’s Report, election and approval of FIDIC new members, approval of the Minutes of GAM 2015 in Dubai. A special focus was given to the FIDIC Budget 2017 and to the FIDIC Master Plan 2016-2020.


The GAM chairperson announced the host countries for the FIDIC GAM in 2017 (Indonesia) and 2018 (Germany).


One year ago at the General Assembly Meeting (GAM) in Dubai NACEC officially became a Member Association of FIDIC. It is the largest international organization of construction consulting services, uniting over 100 national associations, representing over 4000 companies, and hundreds of thousands of individual practitioners – engineering consultants.