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Strategy of NACEC Development

Strategy 2020


Objective. Establishing a national highly-professional association in the field of investment and construction engineering, which is able to run the adopted comprehensive and full scale strategy on building a professional market of engineering services


Tasks of the Strategy:


  • Involvement of professionals from various branches of investment and construction engineering for building the community aimed at gaining the stated objectives.
  • Building a national community of experts in the field of investment and construction engineering of industrial facilities throughout the former Soviet Union.
  • Creating the conditions where NACEC members can benefit from the association membership, while pursuing their own goals.
  • Organizing a system of efficient financing of all required events and activities of NACEC to ensure execution of the adopted strategy.


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Our Roadmap in 2015:


  • NACEC becomes a member of FIDIC
  • NACEC holds the first International Conference ‘Investment and Construction Engineering’
  • NACEC opens the first regional branch in Saint-Petersburg (December 2015).