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International Partnership

Development of a transparent market of engineering services, based on common business standards and applied contemporary technologies is impossible without taking into account global experience and adapting it to Russian specifics.

NACEC, being the only representative of engineering consultants in Russia in the construction industry focuses primarily on active cooperation with international engineering companies, innovative and educational centres, professional associations with the aim to adopt best practices on managing complex multi-stage projects.

One of NACEC top priority tasks in 2015 is to become a member of International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) – the largest and the oldest professional association, which sets global standards in engineering for over one hundred years.


FIDICInternational Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) was founded in 1913, Belgium. The major objective of FIDIC is to streamline relations between stakeholders of international investment and construction processes by means of developing and publishing standard forms of contracts.


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Today FIDIC unites over 90 national associations of consulting engineers worldwide, and it is a recognized global authority in legal regulation of design and survey activities.

In the RF responsibility of an engineer is mainly within survey and design scope. But FIDIC considers an engineering consultant is a key stakeholder in construction business development strategy. In a project, an engineering consultant plays a role of an expert and provides consultancy services to a Client on the project execution, performs selection of Suppliers and Contractors, manages construction at the site and provides comprehensive support to the project at all construction stages through to handover to a Client.

However the major focus of FIDIC in this area is to develop and publish standard forms of contracts to be executed between Clients and Contractors, Clients and Engineers.

Standard provisions of FIDIC contracts are known as Contractor’s ‘Bible’. Those contracts are applied by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, government and private clients in many countries of the world.


Benefits of Membership in FIDIC:


  • International promotion of interests of Russian professional community. Being a representative in the Federation, we will promote interests of the whole professional community, and NACEC members first of all.
  • Access to resources. Becoming a member of FIDIC gives us opportunities to interface with the best expert-driven international practices in industrial and investment engineering.
  • Internationally recognized certificated upon completion of training. Participants of our training events will obtain certificates, endorsed by one of the most respectable business associations in the world.



NACEC Roadmap on Becoming a Member of FIDIC in 2015

In March 2015 NACEC took part in FIDIC International Conference in Bucharest, visited by more than 200 participants – representatives from 14 countries (Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Great Britain, Holland, Bulgaria).

In May 2015 a meeting with the Estonian association (FIDIC member) was held on sharing experience and cooperation.

In June 2015 negotiations with Russian Association with Engineering Consultants were held and the Cooperation Agreement for FIDIC was signed.

By September 11, 2015 - ensure presence of the Association management at FIDIC General Assembly, formalize membership and the voting right of the Association at the General Assembly.

By November 11, 2015 – conduct the First International Conference ‘Investment and Construction Engineering’ in Russia, with FIDIC participating.