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Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity ‘to build a market with your own hands’ – participation in the lawmaking process at the Federal level
  • Increasing the project portfolio due to lobbying the interests by NACEC in the investment and construction engineering market
  • Opportunity to use additional professional resources under better terms and conditions
  • Creating more attractive conditions for business diversification
  • Opportunity to practice extensive cost saving due to NACEC activities in the following areas:
    • Joint participation in execution of projects
    • Training and certification of specialists
    • Marketing analysis of the investment and construction engineering market
    • Using innovative concepts of NACEC
  • Additional benefits represented by added value, additional financial and insurance guarantees for our members
  • Settlement of disputes, associated with conducting professional technical engineering activity
  • Integration into international community. Information communication with experts, building a single multiuser electronic knowledge data base as a result of sharing common benefits and using cutting edge practices
  • Establishing a single innovative centre of contemporary technologies in investment and construction engineering
  • Integrated training as engineering consultants. We train NACEC specialists and provide further support.

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