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Joint Stock Company ‘State Specialized Design Institute’ (GSPI, JSC)



Joint Stock Company ‘GSPI’ – is an organization with a wealth of experience on comprehensive design of unprecedented industrial, Research and Development, civilian facilities inside Russia, CIS countries and internationally.


Joint Stock Company ‘GSPI’ is one of the leading Russian enterprises on conducting integrated engineering surveys for construction of unique facilities.


The Institute owns contemporary technical aids and equipment required for engineering surveys, accredited laboratories, which ensure high quality of research and provide the top quality of developed design concepts. Unique IT practices were implemented in the Company.


Over the years the Institute significantly contributed to the process of building the Russian nuclear industry. Around 50 large plants, factories, and over 80 Research and Development centres were built as per GSPI design. The largest scientific centres of world-wide importance were built: Kurchatov Institute and its branch in Troitsk, A.A. Bochvar High-Technology Scientific Research Institute for Inorganic Materials (VNIINM), Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, etc.