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Corporation Joint Stock Company ‘ESKM'



Corporation Joint Stock Company ‘ESKM’, LLC was founded in 1985 by USSR Ministry of Fuel and Power to perform electric installation works at power facilities construction projects.


Today ESKM is a multidiscipline corporation, having representatives in Moscow, Novovoronezh, Volgodonsk, Yekaterinburg, Zarechny. It consists of thirteen independent business units, located in different cities of our country (installation, electrical installation, commissioning and installation/commissioning business units, a specialized thermal installation unit, Limited Liability Company ‘Zavod Elektrosevkavmontazhindustria’, a training centre).


The major philosophy of ESKM operation is to manufacture products of high quality only. Quality management system of the company is certified in compliance with ISO 9001 requirements of GOST and SGS (Switzerland) certification systems.


ESKM places a great emphasis on development of new products, quality and automation of production processes.


Large batches of ESKM structures and electrical equipment were supplied to Tianwan NPP (China), Bushehr NPP (Iran), Mutnovskaya GeoPP, Sochinskaya TPP, Kaliningradskaya CHPP-2, GTU CHPP ‘Luch’ (Belgorod), Ivanovskaya District Power Plant, ‘Moskva-City’ Moscow International Business Center CHPP-2, Rostovskaya NPP (Units 2, 3), Beloyarskaya NPP (Unit 4), Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2, CHPP-26 (Moscow), CHPP-27 (Moscow), Krasnoyarskaya CHPP-3, Adlerskaya CHPP, Urengoyskaya District Power Plant, etc.