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Closed Joint Stock Company ‘Scientific Research and Design Institute of Territorial Development and Transport Infrastructure’ (NIPI TDTI, CJSC)



Core business of the Institute is to conduct research in regional development and transport infrastructure.


The company employs consultants, who serve as experts in various areas and are ready to provide clients with a comprehensive analysis, unbiased evaluation, efficient and rational decisions.


The Institute provides governmental bodies of all levels and investors with a complete cycle of services on support to decision making processes – starting from development of national and regional policies, strategies, business plans (programmes), feasibility studies, and forecasts on highway and transport infrastructure, and ending with economic and transport models, detailed plans of event s and projects.


NIPI TDTI unites everything, which relates with the concept of ‘contemporary school of thought’: highly qualified specialists, contemporary hardware and software, comprehensive approach to solving problems on developing transport and highway industry, close relation with universities and institutes, creative environment, which helps to unlock scientific capabilities of employees.


Results of research and practice-based efforts of NIPI TDTI cover all levels of management decision making – starting from developing a policy and strategy of growth for transport and highway sector in the North-West of Russia, particular regions of the RF, cities and territorial entities, and ending with development of detailed work programmes at the level of transport and highway enterprises.