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Limited Liability Company ‘Avtodor-Engineering'

автодобр инжиниринг


Limited Liability Company ‘Avtodor-Engineering’ is a fast growing company, an affiliated enterprise of State Company Russian Highways (GK ‘Avtodor’):


Core business of the Company is to provide the services below:

  • Provision of supervision services on construction, refurbishment, integrated development, turnaround, repair and maintenance of highways
  • Development, implementation, and distribution of new and efficient technologies and materials for highway facilities, including resource saving technologies
  • Provision of consultancy services to developers of materials, equipment and technologies on bringing products into the market of highway construction, assessment of the market capacity, development of the strategy on bringing products into the market
  • Arrangement of comprehensive scientific research to identify advantages and disadvantages of products and subsequent improvement of products
  • Development of design documentation for construction and refurbishment, integrated development, repair, and turnaround of highway facilities, including the use of information modelling technologies
  • Provision of expert services on assessing the quality of design documentation and development of technical regulatory documents
  • Organizing and holding exhibitions, scientific conferences and seminars
  • Provision on services on training employees of highways industry companies
  • Development of documents on technical regulation in highway facilities industry
  • Conducting competency assessment of testing laboratories, and inter-laboratory benchmark testing
  • Development of and implementation of scientific, technical and innovative programmes
  • Diagnostics and inspection of highways and man-made structures on highways.